Martin Luther King Jr. March

Created this song at age 50 when I decided to take up drumming.  It is a series of songs I like to call my 30 minute songs because it took roughly 30 minutes to produce from the time I sat down at the drums and keyboard to uploading it into a iTunes Library.  You may have to turn down the music a bit in or your headphones as I was not that great at mixing music either.  The joy for me was just creating.  It's all about creating in the moment.  I am affected by my response to my own emotions.  Some days I just want to catalog what I'm feeling as I create art based on my most inner experience to include my own dreams.

From:  Chewing Gum March

By:  Reggie Wanza

Martin Luther King March.  Took right at 45 minutes to complete from the time I sat at the keyboard till the export to iTunes as it is probably no surprise that no prior composing or edits were necessary to compose this tune.  I used the following Garage Band midi instruments:  African Kit, Drum ‘N Bass Remix, Fat Taffy (starting to like the sound of fat taffy) Cleopatra Chord, Plastic Factory, Indian & Middle Eastern Kit, Asian Kit, South African Singers, Vocal Shout Effects, Applause and Laughter, Polka Accordion.  320 kbps and 2 minutes and 40 seconds of sound.

rEggiE wAnzA