Abstract about the Artist

Hi, my name is reggie and I will provide a little preview of what my artwork is all about.  I am a self styled abstract artist from Houston Texas whose approach to art is deeply rooted in the theory that art is a tool that allows us to create from nothing but only God truly creates from nothing.  At best, we create like and in his image.  At best, we have an incomplete image of something, constructed from something.  In essence we haven't really created anything that wasn't already created.  We construct images from what is already made.  God is the great creator and completion-nor.  My efforts are to pre-expose in art:  what you see is fragments of time or experience and that you as the viewer, and artist do not have the complete picture at any given time.  You will find yourself, in your mind completing the instance or imagery tc render it complete it.  I purposely indulge the audience to look at themsleves for the answers in my work.  My work is meant to mirror you now as incomplete.  You can tell me if the goal is perfection or completion.  What is the result when all things are complete or what you consider to be a complete image in your mind?

I spend quite a lot of time exploring the realm of dreams.  Dreams offer fragments of information we seek in resolution of our incomplete lives.  Some things what we experience in our everyday world we are in pursuit of the answers to and yet the surreal experience of it all feels like a guarded moment,  like viewing the world through mask when we look back at each other.  When did the changes take affect, when did the moments become defined moments, When did the altered moment become a self awareness.  The truth about living, never any clearer than the dreams clues were provided for.  Time challenging the way we see things, perhaps forgivness is mood altering to the point that life is being manipulated not by what you see but by what you feel.  As the viewer, are you ever exposed to the whole picture or just what the artist wants you to see? I will explore more in depth about this theory of incompletion-ism.  It's a wonderful world we live in and it is vast compared to what we allow ourselves to see.  How much does God truly allow us to see?

rEggiE wAnzA